Real Testimonials

"Brigitte truly impressed me...way beyond the norm. It all started with her excellent and prompt communication. Then her punctuality on 2 separate appointments in spite of the long travel time. Her sincerely happy and positive demeanor throughout our sessions. The over-the-top fun, playful, intimate and intense sexual experience! And the amazing afterglow I felt at the end...This WOW feeling that actually lingered on long after she left. Pure satisfaction in every way with someone I just met. She's an unbelievably outstanding provider...

If you're interested, here's the whole story:

I was staying at a hotel north of Everett and decided I'd like some company. Not every girl does outcalls and it was getting late, so I didn't get my hopes up. I came across Brigitte's ad and liked what I saw. I sent her a PM then texted as per instruction requesting a 90min session as an incentive since it would probably be a long drive for her and it was already past 7pm. Surprisingly I received a fairly quick reply stating she was available, that the distance wasn't a problem and let me know the earliest time she could arrive. She comfirmed everything including the outcall fee (which was definitely fair) and we were a go.

She got to the hotel 3 minutes early and came to my door looking sophisticated, yet sexy. A very nice and discrete look for the occasion. She greeted me with an ease and comfortability that made me feel like a friend had just stopped by to visit. No awkwardness at all. The conversation just poured naturally from the moment we sat down. She is so easy to talk to and is very open herself. Getting to know her was easy and effortless which is a big part of her charm. Slowly and casually she began shedding her clothes as we talked...what a turn on!

She is a naturally sexy woman. The way she moves, the way she touches, the way she kisses, the look in her eyes! I couldn't keep my hands off her. And she made me feel my touch was just as welcome to her. That's a good feeling.

The SEX! She started off giving me a BBBJ...one of the best I can ever remember...she has a style all her own and could be the price of admission alone. No kidding. That awesome deepthroat spit, great suction and sucking noises, hands working skillfully and confidently...She loves giving head and puts her whole body into it with passion! And there's no doubt she takes pride in pleasing a man. So damn HOT! Now it's my turn for some DATY and she is simply delicious. She is also a real joy to please because you can feel her whole body responding in pleasure. She learned that I have a foot fetish and played in to it every chance she got, which I loved! While I was going down on her, in various positions, her feet (or a least a foot) would always manage to find my cock. That was so incredibly hot! She turned me on to the highest levels I've ever reached. Foot-Note: If you have a foot fetish you'll love her feet! Super soft, beautiful toes, pedicured and pretty red nails. She should post a pic or 2 in her albums, hint hint. The finale came after some time during covered intercourse. She loves exploring position and really enjoys sex in an above average way. She completely gives of herself and is with you in the moment, with an intensity that is rarely found in general. My climax was beyond words. I hope I gave enough details so you know how special this girl is. In all my experience I can say she is a rare treat and I feel very fortunate that our paths crossed. I had no idea what I was missing!

After our first meeting I was craving her company only days after. I invited her for an overnight visit and fortunately she had the time to join me. All of the above applied to this time as well. What made this second time better was more of everything! We never ran out of words to say and I learned even more about her. She has a fantastic energy and sexual appetite that seems to last forever. And I never got tired of being around her. She was joy the whole time! I just have to save up because it's going to be overnights from here on. Yes...she's really worth it. You haven't lived until to spend time with this girl. I'm sure you'll be amazed!"

Real Testimonials


Re: True Queen

Amazing time. Communication was on point. Arrived on time and prepared for a good time. Little chatting, worked up good chemistry, then it was time to explore. If you want to spice up your session this the lady. Bring your creativity and Brigitte will respond in more ways than one. Queen in the sheets and not afraid to let you take control of you find her buttons. If you do a wildfire will ensue leaving your toes curled. Can't wait for next time. Thanks Brig!

Real testimonials

" I was getting ready to leave on a trip so I thought about finding someone to play with. Started looking on the board
when I came across this gorgeous redhead in Olympia. Looked thru her profile and saw a few things that caught my eye.
in her likes I saw the initials TF. That was enough for me. Here was a girl that was 36 years old (I like) submissive(I like)
a redhead (hot as hell) and was willing to let me drill her throat. (I really like).
I made contact with her and we set up a time. I asked her to wear something short and greet me with a DFK when
the door opened and we were off. It wasn't long during that kiss that I had my hand up her skirt playing with whatever
I could find to play with. We kissed all the way to the side of the bed when I told her she needed to get on her knees.
My intentions were less than admiral. I had all intentions of grabbing her by her hair and start pushing deep but she beat
me to it. Brigitte was taking me in so deep that I felt like I was on the ride of my life. Every now and then I would grab that red hair and hold her down on me and enjoy the feeling of being in her throat. And when I let her up she would go right back down on me. And when I said lick my balls she licked them till they were soaked. And when I came, well, all I will say is that she had me cumming a lot.
After we were done and laid in bed talking I found out she was a long haul truck driver years ago. I told her a little bit about my rig. She seems to be interested in letting me give her a tour. I'm really turned on by redheads. Thanks Brigitte, I want to play again with you."